Family Pics 2014

I was given a unique gift from a student last Christmas... a photography session! And I saved that gift card carefully until the next fall, just in time for Christmas cards / gifts (since that's all my Granny wants).
Erin was very patient and calm with the kids, she has 3 little ones (2 are the same age as Liam and Carolina), so she knew what she was doing with them - although Carolina did her best to ruin every picture with the most fake-cheesy smile she could conjure. 
We shot at the downtown Caldwell train station - which really is a very nice spot (I wanted Nampa, but it's just not as good a location). I came with some poses in mind, and I disappointed when we got them back and they did not work out, I just looked weird, and if I look weird the whole picture is a toss... Carolina is allowed because she's just cute even if she's being weird.
Here is her blog and her facebook page if you are interested. I think she's pretty reasonably priced for what you get... 1-2 hour session, 20+ pics that are all yours to keep/print.

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