Snow Days!

This is never fun
Thursday was the worst day ever at work (not really ever, but it just was pretty crappy) - but the saving grace of that day was that it snowed all day and was beautiful to watch - although it was not fun to drive home in, it was worth it because that snow accumulated up to 8 inches overnight and every school district in the valley had a snow day! It. was. the. best. I felt like I'd been saved.

it's just so pretty
 The kids threw on coats and hats and went out in it - for about 10 minutes or less (I stayed in my pajamas and took pictures from the back door.) Lina lasted an extra minute or two so she could eat some snow. Then it was inside to thaw out our hands and get hot chocolate.

Ironically we had already planned a weekend getaway to McCall and some mountains and snow - with Steve & Linda and the Curtis'. It felt sort of wrong to be leaving home and our very own snow to go find more of it - and we were worried about the roads - but they were fine, although the broken window (in the down position) and Liam puking on the side of the road were not great. 
However, McCall was beautiful and the time spent was fun and relaxing. 

Pretty nice view from the cabin.
Although it was such a sunny, gorgeous day,
 it was still like 16 degrees here.
Carolina found a moose to hug 

snow berries
After our excursion into town to check out a [very] few local places - we were pretty cold, it was Carolina's naptime and Liam wasn't so much into going back out to play in the snow. So there will be no pictures of that, or family ones : ( Oh well, there is still plenty of snow left here, if we really want a picture!
Anyways Steve, Linda, and I went for a good long walk, two miles, up hill, in the snow, [not] barefoot. It was so refreshing, and gorgeous.

A few Instagrams with filters...

deer track in the shape of a heart

sun shining through
One of the best things about this trip was getting to spend time with family that we don't often get too -  catching up, playing games, etc. - the kids just drank it up. Carolina particularly loved Brad.

 And on the way home... this was about 10:30 a.m.

I hope we don't wait so long to do something like this again!
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