New Couch!

I've been counting down the days until I could buy a new couch ever since our large leather one broke last winter - it's been sitting on a 2x4... doable, but annoying as all get out. Plus the small one had a hole in it, and I was just over the style and everything. So I decided I wanted a new one after vacation, but by Christmas - so we went shortly after we got back from California thinking we would have to order something and it would take 8 weeks.... then we found one and bought it and it was delivered in 4 days!
It's this one from RC Willey and it's giant. Well maybe not italicized, but it's really really big - I would say it seats twice as many people as the last 2 couches we had put together! (Halloween is coming down today.)

I love the dark gray and the texture of the fabric. I love the clean lines and modernity of it. It fits perfectly in our living room. Hooray for home updates!!!
Now all I need is a new pouf, lighting, a few pillows, and a fiddle leaf fig. It never ends does it!

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