I can die happy: Club 33

So thanks to a very generous reader of Babes in Disneyland, and this post, I was extended an invitation to Club 33! I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I got that message - oh man, I don't think I stopped smiling for a week! I tried to keep it quiet for as long as possible, just in case it didn't work out for some reason - but just knowing I had the offer, was pretty amazing. Club 33 was renovated earlier this year - and just reopened in July I believe, if you want to see some pictures of what it looked like before - this is a pretty good site.
There was a dress code - so even though it was blazing hot, we both wore pants and tried to look somewhat dressy, for Disneyland anyway - but I mostly ended up looking like a puddle of melted girl. I rang the infamous doorbell and after giving my information, was led in through the not-so-secret secret-door.

We were led into this courtyard, which was shady and cool, with fancy watermelon/cucumber water and tables to sit and wait at. This is the Court of Angels that used to be open to the public, a place where we've taken many a picture in the past - but now sadly it is a part of the Club. It fits right in - and is really a nice addition - but I miss having it be a part of the park that all can enjoy.

A hostess led us up the stairs assuring us that we should feel free to take all the pictures we wanted. I got nosy too and asked a bunch of questions. This is a harpischord that Walt bought for Lillion - Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney have played it!

 This guy was designed to be an animatronic that talked to guests while they dined - mics in the room would be listened in on so the vulture could respond appropriately - I'm not sure he was ever used for his intended purpose, but now he is just an interesting artifact.

Here is the dining room.

The view from our window.

Menu - no, it wasn't cheap, but it was worth it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching park guests go about their day, from above ;)

Let's begin on the food, shall we: It was so darn fancy, we felt seriously out-classed and a bit nervous - I mean they had a special tool to scrape our bread crumbs off the table after we made a mess! we got new place settings between each course, and there were fancy service plate covers on the entrees!
The Ruby... the best darned grapefruit juice I've ever had.
The best darned bread I've ever had. No really. Fluffy, warm brioche with herbed butter. To die for.
My Appetizer - Warm Blue Crab and Artichoke Gratin with Lemon Chervil Glacage
Todd's Appetizer - Grilled Quail with Figs and Summer Corn Velvet (he called in fancy people Thanksgiving)
My Salad - Watermelon Salad with Southern Orange Creme Fraiche & Petite Greens
Todd's Salad - Heirloom Tomato Salad with Crispy Burratta Cheese & Green Tomato Gazpacho
My Entree - Iron Seared Swordfish with Poached Oyster and Leek and Potato Stew. (Fish = out of this world, Oyster = ew gross)
Todd's Entree - Berkshire Pork Medallion Gratin with Southern Red Bean Ragu 
My Dessert - Class "Opera Cake" Manjari Chocolate, Coffee Liquor, Almond Cake and Caramel Creme (which was amazing)
Todd's Dessert - Warm Monkey Bread with  Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream and Candied Pecan Praline (the caramel sauce on that, was mind-blowing)

 After dinner was over, we spent some time on the balcony, taking in a view from a vantage we never had stood in... but often had looked up at.

It was truly an experience that we whole-heartedly enjoyed and will never forget! I can never thank the folks who wanted to extend the magic to us!
Even the merchandise bags were super fancy!

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