Carolina's 3rd Birthday Party

Since we celebrated Carolina's birthday, on her birthday, at Disneyland. I decided to keep her birthday party at home with family pretty low key. I didn't even use my DSLR to take pictures, which I now regret, because these iPhone ones are pretty shoddy.  
I took Carolina to Target and let her pick out her plates and decorations - she did a really nice job of picking things that were cute and went together. I may have guided her a little, but she really made up her own mind. 

Since we were partying on a Sunday afternoon - so that people could continue with their usual Sunday evening plans - I just made some snacky type foods and cake. We ate while Lina opened presents and then sang and had PB&J cake afterward. But then everyone stayed until bedtime :) This was probably the most simple party we've had - it was fun, relaxed, and didn't take a ton of work beforehand or after, and I think Carolina had a good time (although her expressions don't always look like it) ;)

Play coffee maker - so cute!

She just reallllly wanted to lick off the candles.

And then she really wanted the "white stuff."
"You mean the cake?"
"No, the white stuff."

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