Bakersfield Pics (ie. The Carolina & Olivia Show)

We had SO much fun in Bakersfield - really enjoyed the short time we had with our California family. We wish we'd had more, but we took what we could get. I took lots of pictures but most were of Olivia's birthday party and Jeran hasn't shared yet, so I won't either. The drive was long (13 hours with stops) but easy and pretty smooth - just a little trouble with some tire pressure. We left at 4 am, and it didn't stop driving until about 2 pm - it was pretty crazy weather!

My one Bakersfield priority was to walk to Dewar's - it's just the best! This was Todd's PB&J sundae - it was SO GOOD! The peanut butter sauce was just as good (if not better than) the marshmallow sauce.

 Carolina got a child's scoop (which is two, very generous scoops) she barely ate half - but did manage to get ice cream all up and down herself.

 Here's mine - peanut butter fudge ice cream with the world's best marshmallow sauce - seriously.

The cousin twins had SO much fun together - they got along so well and were just cute as buttons.

 We tried to let the little girls sleep together in Olivia's room - but it just didn't work out - after about an hour of trying to get them to bed, we gave up and Carolina slept on the floor with Todd and I. It was funny, in that kind of after-the-fact way.

 Jeran put candles in two of the cakes and had everybody sing happy birthday to both girls - Carolina was pretty over the moon about it!

 It was so fun to be there for Olivia's party and on her birthday!

These 3 little girls were so cute (the middle one is Olivia's cousin Addy)

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