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And so we come to the end of the vacation pictures - it's almost like the vacation is ending all over again...

So to break up the long drive home, since nobody wanted to wake up at 4am to leave Anaheim, and since the Strawsers had never been, we decided to spend on night in Vegas on the home. We went to Downtown Disney to breathe in some final Disney air and finish up our shopping, then headed out of town.

In N Out happened first, it had to.

Then we were here - the kids were pretty excited about this leg of the journey, they thought our hotel was pretty cool. We headed out to see what we could see.

First up a chocolate Statue of Liberty. I love the randomness of Vegas.

 We of course had to make a stop at the Bellagio to watch the fountains and go inside to their their atrium, which is probably my favorite spot in the whole city... besides Bouchon Bakery.

 We ate dinner at the Serendipity outside of Caesar's and continued up the strip a little further before getting fed up with children and crowds.
It doesn't look as long as it is - but we walked about 4 miles down and then 4 back of course - on top of being pretty tired. AND Liam didn't have a stroller - he did the whole thing in flip flops with hardly a complaint - I was seriously impressed! It was pretty crazy out - Friday night in Vegas, you know. And as always they were doing sidewalk construction which makes things really tight. All in all, it was my favorite visit, but the kids were (mostly) happy about it... we were all just chilling in the hotel room when I realized it was 11:30! Vacation hours! 
Our drive home was even less eventful than the drive down - kids were just as good travelers. Overall we felt like it was a HUGE success. Everyone was safe, healthy, and very happy. We had/have lots of good memories, excellent pictures, and a few good souvenirs. I'm still not ready to be home.

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