The summer that wouldn't end...

Oh the heat. I know I shouldn't complain, come January/February I'll be sorely wishing for some nicer weather. But it's the first day of fall - and I'd like to be done with the 90 degrees! Ah well, it'll be that much sweeter when it does arrive, but maybe we shouldn't close the pool in the meantime ;)
Not that I have any time to swim in the pool, 'cause between all of the committees I'm on and the new Common Core standards I'm trying to rewrite my curriculum to meet.... I'm just barely hanging on to my sanity. I spent 4 extra hours at school on Wednesday getting ready for a sub so I could go work on a committee and then 5 hours at school on Sunday recovering from the sub! And now I have to write 3 days worth of sub plans for next week! So I don't see this week being any different from the last. I'm really looking forward to vacation, but the pre-vacation time takes my stress and doubles it. But the minute we drive out of town on Saturday morning it will all be forgiven and forgotten!
Great Grandma and Grandpa are visiting - it's so fun to see them and spend time with them - how do I not have any pictures of that yet? This is all I've got, I think it's funny that the further away we've gotten from summer break, the fewer pictures I have to share for the week.
Liam is still super excited about school, and such a big kid about it. He isn't a perfect child though, he has had to move his behavior card down a peg a few times, but at least he isn't happy about it, and I think he's working on doing better. Carolina has been slowly but surely improving with her potty training - she's about 90% there with pee, and about 50% maybe with poop.... since you wanted to know ;)
Will you look at that sass she's giving off!

Grandpa's breakfasts are so good - Liam ate his biscuits with his eyes closed.

There's a little monkey on my back - she's got the cold now and just wants snuggles.

Half-time huddle, Carolina feels it's part of her duty to run up and join - but she's "NOT a cheerleader!"
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