September Days

I've decided that September is my favorite month of the year - not in terms of activities - in terms of weather! September is always so beautiful - blue skies, colorful grass/trees/flowers, and the weather is always nice and warm with a hint of cooler weather to come. I've never met a September in Idaho I didn't like. It was a stressful week for me, only being at school Tuesday and Friday and then at a training in Boise Wednesday and Thursday. I felt awful leaving the kids the second week of school but my boss picked me to go to this training - and it was actually really good (on the Common Core)... so it worked out. But all that to say that when I got home, late, every day my brain felt like mush, so going in the backyard with the kids or for a walk with the family, or a swim, was just the ticket. Ironically most all of my pics are from relaxing inside - but that's because I wasn't so much on my phone when we were out and about, which is a good thing.
This weekend was Liam's first soccer game of the season. It's so obvious he's improved since his first season a year and a half ago - he scored four goals! It was funny though that our first game was against his friend Owen's team. They went head to head - it was a conflict of interests! The rest of the weekend we've spent just hanging around - trying to not go out and spend money - but plenty of things to be done around here. Lots of odds-and-ends type of jobs... sewing a button back on a dress, hanging up pins for my necklaces, spray painting a piece of furniture, etc. Why is that list never-ending?
We are getting very excited about our California trip though! In 3 weeks we will be there, but what I've sort of forgotten about is that in 3.5 weeks Carolina will be a year older - well technically she will be 3.5 weeks older, but you know what I mean. I'm having a hard time with letting go of the idea of having a baby girl, but I am pretty determined to stay at 2 kids, so... :( I'd have to get used to it eventually. I'm not going to become 19 Kids and Counting (although I actually think that family is pretty cool).
Well since I've had too much coffee and feel quite rambley, it's probably a good place to stop and leave you with some pictures!
Whatever Daddy plays on the iPad is apparently fun for the whole family.
Liam vs. Owen

Post game relax time
She's getting pretty good at peeing on the potty - she kind of likes to do it I think!

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