Project: Ikea (Hack) Shelf

I bought this baker's rack from Pier 1 Imports when Todd and I were first married, so it's old. It was in perfect condition - but it just wasn't my style anymore and it just seemed to be a spot that had collected a lot of stuff over the years. Well during my big kitchen clean-out this summer I started packing up stuff for a garage sale/donation and decided it was just time to put the thing on Craig's List and be done with it. (Here it is mid tear-down)

It took a little while, but it sold for what I was asking, $60 - and for $50 I had Linda pick me up one of these shelves at Ikea. I knew I wanted to paint it gold, but after we put it together I didn't much like the top and bottom wooden shelves but didn't think I wanted them to be gold either. So for $10 more, I got two glass plates cut to replace them.

I restocked it basically only clear glass and white items. I love that it's not as busy and cluttered, much more open and just pretty. It makes me happy :)

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