Liam's First Day of Kindergarten

Can you believe it?! My first baby is a kindergartner! He was so ready - so calm about it, not hyped up, not nervous - just ready. He was looking forward to having breakfast at school, he even was OK with me leaving him to eat while I did a few things and came back to get him. By Friday, he didn't need me to help him with breakfast at all! He loves his teacher and has told me at least of half of what she's said. His favorite is "you know"... recess. But the new friend he's made is actually a 3rd grader, former student of mine, who's mom is the teacher across the hall. They hang out together everyday after school :)
They have Lucky Charms at school - and juice - so it's pretty much the best thing ever.
Clearly, he's got a few inches on the other kids.
bye, buddy
Liam & Owen - bff's
After the first day - out hard with his work for the day on his lap, so sweet. But it hasn't happened since!

The week was good for me, probably not as good as it was for Liam, although I was just as exhausted. I'm still missing my old class :-(  It'll take a while for me to warm to them, and there are some handfuls, but it's still early. I've got to whip them into shape. The beginning of the year is just kind of rough!
On the plus side only 4 weeks until Disneyland!

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