Labor Day Weekend!

What a great Labor Day Weekend!
Friday night I was bone-tired. So to "celebrate" Liam's first week of school we got a Costco pizza, used up the rest of the ginger ale and ice cream and called it a party! Then I went to bed at 9:30... the end. But it was a good night overall :)
I also kind of needed to go to bed early because we got up at 5:30 am to head to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic... which was canceled due to mild winds and a few rain drops... womp womp womp. 
Stuck for a few hours before the farmer's market opened up we went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast - did a couple run-throughs of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for fun and a little grocery shopping and were at the Boise Farmer's Market at opening. We had to try the new old-fashioned Guru Donuts! (spoiler alert - they were really good!), and get some *more* coffee. Grandma got the kids a fresh lemonade to share, and it quickly became a competition to see who could drink the most.

Photo: Jessica McConnel knows how to do game day.
Pat's picture of lunch
 The first Notre Dame game of the season was afterwards so I made the boys some pulled pork, coleslaw, and loaded waffle fries. Then, sadly, went to school to work for a few hours - but it went fast and felt good to get it over with right away.
It's been a really nice weekend - cooler weather,  70's, so we took the kids to the park a couple of times.
Sunday was just gorgeous - we went to church, out to lunch, ran errands, and did some shopping, did some chores. Monday was even more perfect, we took a short family walk (no strollers) down the greenbelt. And then there was an impromptu family BBQ that was really fun - until both Liam and Lina got stung by a wasp at the same time. It was actually quite terrible, and I felt beyond awful about it. But they recovered pretty, and now we know Carolina isn't allergic to bee stings! With nap off the table at that point, we just stayed a bit longer and then went to Boise for a little shopping and getting Liam some new soccer cleats, shin guard, and socks - he's all ready for his first game next weekend!
The ducks chase you if you have food - it's a little intimidating.

Playing in the new sandbox Papa built - it's a fav.

And then we found a giant zucchini in the garden - too cute not to share.
I wish all weekends were 3-day weekends!
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