Another Week, Another Weekend...

The days seem to go by so quickly when I'm back at work - wake up, teach, go home, go to bed  and suddenly repeat... and yet the week feels so long. I've only been back for 3 weeks! It feels like so much longer. This class is exhausting me, and just this year in general, so much is changing with the common core - which it did last year too... but it just keeps coming. I think it will all end up being good - but the front end is a llllllooootttt of work. So during the week I feel lucky to get anything, really anything even small and mundane accomplished, and on the weekend I tend to play catch-up. But this weekend we were all exhausted, and Todd was sick. My house was/is a mess, and I just didn't care about it. Sometimes couch is more important than clean. Also we got invited to friends houses Friday and Saturday - which was fun and nice and meals I didn't have to cook - but we definitely all stayed up too late and paid for it. This week is going to be even busier - Great Grandma and Grandpa are coming (yay!), trainings, committees, projects, and thinking about packing - oh, and did I mention it's supposed to be HOT again. I'm done with you 92 - get outta town.

I feel the pain of parents with kids in school - it's hard to get that 20 minutes of reading in every night (especially when your child can't read for himself).
During Liam's bench time, Lina went and put her arm around him and told him "Good job, buddy!" 

She sure is squirmy, but I managed to get some french braids finished and it was so cute it hurt.

Carolina wanted to join me during my "alone" time trip to Target. So I had to make it fun with matching Starbucks :)

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