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I like my job, but the first week is hard. Generally because it's the first week back, but it's stressful too because you are being bombarded with information (some unnecessary, some pretty major). Meanwhile you're sitting there thinking of the arm-length list of things you could and should be doing in your classroom. And if that week felt hard this one will be x2!Can't believe that this week is THE week - I'm back to work (still sort of in denial that I'll be teaching this week) and the week that LIAM STARTS SCHOOL. Is this really happening? I'm not emotional about it, and I don't feel like I will be, but we shall see. I'm just excited to have him be "with" me 2/3 days a week. Mom and I took him to meet his teacher last week and he was so funny to watch - sort of subdued, not typical, but I think he really is excited. I also met my students... we shall see, but so far it looks like I may have in interesting year!
 The days/week feels so.much.longer when I'm at work - even though I'm so busy. And man am I tired. But you sure do appreciate the weekend more when you're working all week! I did my fair share of crying last night - I don't know why I'm resisting it so much this year - it feels worse than in the past, but I'm sure it's not. Anyway - I need to stop now and hopefully I'll have a wonderful day/week and get totally into it and have a great report for you next week!
I self medicated with lots of pumpkin spice this week

*These two*

My daring girl

Working on it

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