Things kids say...

The kids have both been cracking us up lately, probably Carolina more because her language isn't totally developed, but Liam's thoughts have just been random and funny. I'm terrible at remembering what they say, sometimes I post on Facebook when one of them cracks me up - so a few of these are from there - but I am going to try harder to write them down (I've said this before, I know...), of course now I won't be around as much :( But here are a few funnies:

Carolina, upon walking into her room: "Whaaat?! This mess is a mess!"

Carolina, while hugging Ripley: "Ohh Ripley, you good girl, you are so proud of me. So so proud of me."

Carolina, while Todd puts on her shoes: "Dad, you are the best I-love-you I ever see-ed."

Liam was asking me how old his aunt and uncle were, so I told him and he replied "So you guys are older.... that means you are hungrier and lazier." Yep

Liam brings the iPod to me and says "I don't even know what I'm listening to, but I like it." It was High School Musical, he's my son.

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