Lina's New Big (Little) Girl Room!

I'm very excited to share the final result of my biggest summer project!  I've literally been working on it for the last 6 weeks... it's not 100% complete, but complete enough that I'm ready to share it!
I was inspired by Making It Lovely (Nicole Balch's) daughter's room, which was dark blue. It thought it was so elegant for a little girl's room, and definitely something different. I knew I wanted to start there with lots of white to balance out the dark, and because of all of the bright, colorful art and items already in Carolina's room, I knew I wanted "colors" to be the accent - make it kind of eclectic. Well that sort of shifted to making coral and gold the accent colors... but there are still a few colorful things in there. It's definitely more matchy-matchy than I was planning on it being, and I wouldn't mind changing that up a little bit, but as it is I'm very happy with it and Carolina is too (and Liam might be a tad jealous). 

I tried to do as inexpensive a make-over as possible, so here's how it broke down:
- paint, $35 - Target
- bed frame, $20 (really it was $40, but Linda paid for half) - flea market
- planks for bed, $17 - Home Depot
- finials (doorknobs), $8 - Home Depot
- mattress, $15 - Craigslist
- mattress protector, $35 - Target (if I had bought a new mattress I wouldn't have needed this... but it still would've cost more than $50)
- waterproof sheet, $15 - Target
- sheets, $16 - Target
- bookcase, $15 + $12 (paint) + $10 (legs) - flea market + Walmart + Lowe's
- gold lamp, $20 - Target
- toy chest - free + $9 - already had chest, bought gold polka dots on etsy
- rocking chair, $25 - antique store
- duvet, pillows, down comforter, egg crate, night stand, wall art, toy basket, decor, free - already had it or made it 
Total: $252 - pretty good for a total room makeover I think! My Craigslist sales more than paid for it!

So here's what we started with... (although it feels like it hasn't looked this way in a long time, as we've slowly been getting rid of pieces of furniture...)

And here's what we have now!...
pretty different, right?!

other than the bed, this is probably my favorite purchase for the whole room - it's precious!

This toy box has come in SO handy for quickly cleaning up toys!
This photo might be set up ;) but she really does enjoy spending quiet alone time in her room.
And this is NOT set up - her throwing her doll at Liam when he tries to come in! No boys allowed!

more storage (from Jeran) - diapers in one, puzzles the other

in case you were wondering what her closet looks like... this is why we don't need a dresser
I love LOVE the navy blue! I may have to use it somewhere else...

Must still do:
- cut down bed post screws so finials fit better
- make a throw pillow or two for the bed (stop using the Christmas ones)
- find another set of sheets

May still do:
- find another quilt/duvet (so I can have mine back)
- find a few more cutesy wall decorations
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