August Decorations...

I LOVE having little places to really decorate in this house, and so I love changing them up as often as I can. August, while still summer, doesn't really feel like it with school starting - but I don't feel right putting out fall decorations. So this is what I came up with for the "interim" - I really like it :) I was irritated with myself that I didn't take pics of what I had up for summer (it involved sand, shells, and pineapples) - I like being able to go back through my pictures or and blog to remind myself of what I've done in the past... I'm totally going to recreate last year's fall decorations!
brass bowl is my fav - it was a thrifting find!

hard to see, but the print is "rejoice in the Lord always"

best bag EVER! (sold for Nampa Library fundraising!)

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