Idahome: The (New) Boise Farmer's Market (& Guru Donuts)

I've noticed this new, smaller farmer's market for a little while now, it popped up not too long ago just a few blocks down from the old market that we typically go to. I was interested, but never driven to visit it until I heard about Guru Donuts from Simply Grove. She had some great picks - many of which I've visited, but I'd never even heard about Guru Donuts - and you know I love my doughnuts! I became obsessed until I could try them... so to Boise we went, the first available Saturday morning we had!

thought we'd be the first ones there since we were right on time, but nope!
doughnuts next to the coffee, of course... we started that line!

there are far too many left to try!
Carolina licked the strawberry frosting off of her delicious doughnut (with strawberry in the bread too)
Liam had no trouble eating his
caramelized pineapple
vanilla sprinkles
the vegan hipsterberry 
the frida kahlo... mexican chocolate
breakfast tacos - Todd was sorely tempted

free bag for National Farmer's Market Day!
salted caramel twist... saved for the next day, it doesn't even fit on the plate!
Oh, they were so good. I love all the funky and unique flavors (for doughnuts anyway) - they are pricey at $2-3 a doughnuts, a dozen being $18, but as a very rare treat, they are totally worth it!! I'm in love! We ended up liking this farmer's market more too - it was less crowded but there seemed to be a lot more booths with items we actually liked (bought some grilling cheese), and lots of samples :) Check it out!
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