Summer Weeks 6 & 7:Packing & Unpacking

So I didn't intend to skip a whole week of blogging but since I typically do it all on the weekend - and we were gone on the weekend - then I was playing catch-up/rest-up... 'cause you know, vacations are rarely very relaxing ;)
So the week before we went to Salt Lake, I remember very little of... but according to my phone we went swimming a lot...

and wore the kids out...

Liam ate a Bell pepper like an apple...

and Idaho was very pretty...

The week after Salt Lake I did a bunch of laundry, tried to do all the chores I didn't do before going on vacation, swam some more, and did some thrifting (my new favorite thing I think, maybe I should do a Thrifting Thursday?)
Carolina's signature hair-mustache/odd comfort thing.

Hooray - a small desk and chair for Liam's room!

And this happened - the baby crib is gone :( Carolina and I were both very sad about it, but she's slept in her big girl bed without a single issue every nap/night since we got back, and I needed the crib out so I could finish her room. Still, I never thought this day would come...
 Let's see, what else, OH, Todd turned 33 - we had a bunch of mini celebrations it felt like, dinner here, lunch there, birthday treats, etc., no big party just doing things he liked/requested. And he bought himself a record player... Fitting, for his age ;)
Steve came home from Indonesia in one piece - we are all very happy about it!
Um, the Saturn's A/C is having issues - not great timing - but as we're saving like crazy for a fall Disneyland trip, I'm going to attempt to suck it up until next summer - fall's almost here right?
In other bummer news, my fingers have become too fat for my wedding ring. I don't know if it's just a change in my body since I had Carolina, or if it's the ring metal (which is different since our Ben Bridge closed, and now I've had to go other places), or something about the pool/summer, but the skin under my ring gets all red and flakey, itchy, and painful for the last couple of summers. Anyway, I never take it off, but since I had to because it was acting up again, I learned that I came *this* close to needing to have it cut off - it just wouldn't go over my knuckle. Thankfully one day in the pool I was able to work it off, and haven't put it on since. Didn't want to pay another couple hundred for that right now. I thought I would just find a cheap ring to wear in the mean time - but wouldn't you know rings don't come in size 4 off the rack, so if you see me without my ring on - don't worry, I'm still married!
My garden is coming along, much to my surprise. I think I'll be giving away tomatoes hand over fist - and I already have jalapenos, tons of mint and basil. The squash varieties are going to take over soon as well.
Randomness, I know. There will be more to come, I'm sure!

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