Summer Week 8: A taste of Autumn

As usual the week flew by, they seem to be increasing in speed. Especially this week I began to feel summer time slipping through my fingers. As of today I have only 3 weeks left  :,(  How did that happen?
We had a couple of days where the temp dropped significantly and it really felt like fall was on it's way, we wore jeans and sweaters! That, plus the school supplies came out in full force, and the school supply list. Liam was anxious - so we just went ahead and did it! Since we didn't swim those days I got a few random projects done - cleaning the washer, restoring some thrift store finds, picking some lovely garden vegetables (if anyone needs zucchini come on over, and we'll be overflowing with tomatoes shortly). My favorite things this week were laying in bed with both kids and reading/being "read" to. Carolina's been doing amazing in her big girl bed - she hasn't had a single falling out or getting out issue. I'm so glad we switched her now instead of putting it off. And she continues to love and enjoy her "new" room. Now Liam is begging for his to be redone! I'm thinking bunk-beds and an outer space theme... but I'll put that off till the new year.
Let's see - Liam went to the dentist and got a clean bill, the dentist also checked in Carolina's mouth since she was with us (I don't think she needs to start cleanings until next year) - hers didn't look as good interestingly - gotta work on that! We met friends at the park for a playdate. Did lots of swimming and grilling once the weather improved (I like that 70-80 is cold and 90s is "improved - ha!). I found a few good sales and got some "teacher" clothes... gotta start thinking about that! Couldn't really help it since my principal called me out of the blue (cue immediate anxiety), to ask me if I was good with going to a two-day training on Common Core for Language. Yep, no probs - at least she's not sending me to 3rd grade or, heavens, Kindergarten. :) Liam has been doing really well, keeping up with his homework, he's got math down, plussing at least, but letters are harder - still confusing Y and U, but he's definitely improved since the beginning of the summer - I'm proud of us both for keeping it up!
feeding and rocking her baby
is this really happening?!
Brrr! it was really chilly!
silly big kid - I don't think he's going to be a dragon for Halloween again
These hibiscus growing in Papa's garden are getting us so anxious for Maui 2015!
reading during his homework time - love him
It always feel good to get things done, but what I've been putting off is spring cleaning - yes, that's right, I always put off a good deal of my spring cleaning until summer "when I have more time"... and now I'm putting it off still. That's the not-as-fun project stuff, and I have so much of it, and so much fun project stuff still. Waa! But I'm still trying to enjoy down time with the kids and make myself relax too - so I don't get to the end of summer and regret that I didn't just sit down. I haven't done super well on my summer goals... I've done some projects, haven't read since the beginning of summer, haven't read to the kids everyday, haven't been able to do "dates" with Liam (Lina's much easier because it seems like we have more alone time for some reason). So what do I do? Do I throw all the things I need to get done out of the window and do the things I want to get done? Or do I throw all work out and just relax with the kids for the last few weeks? I could try doing something different each day, but I'm not good at that. Too many projects carry over, or I make more work for myself.
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