Project(s): Toy Box & Picture Shelf

These are two easy projects, but I've had them on hold for weeks/months... I don't know why. But I finally made the decision to just get her done.

First is the toy box - this was mine/Jenn's when we were kids. It's been in Liam's closet forever, and in Lina's room makeover it finally made it out of there and found a new home. I wanted to jazz it up a little, so I purchased some gold vinyl dots on etsy for like $9, and voila - done! Why did it take me so long? It's so adorable.

The other thing, also just as easy - I've had this picture shelf from Ikea for years I say, several months ago I finally hung it, then a while later I rounded up some picture frames for it, and finally I picked out the pictures I want and loaded it up. This hangs in the hallway between the kids' bedrooms - so I thought it fitting to have these pictures. Again, not hard, and yet, it was sitting there a sad shelf with empty frames for months.

These two projects down, plus another two I just finished, another 3 or so started, and at least 2 more yet to do! I'm on a roll!
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