Project: Big Girl Bed & Bedstand

Ugh, this bed should've been an easy project - but it took forever to track down a cheap mattress and then all the other pieces and parts I needed to complete it - but it's finally done! And it's soooo cute (as is the little girl laying on it)! I had to buy some bed finials (doorknobs), boards to hold the mattress, a full size mattress (used, CraigsList), a mattress cover to keep any old "stuff" in, and any new "stuff out, put an egg crate on it - which I already had, then a waterproof sheet, a new set of cute sheets with coral, orange, gray, and cream on them, already had the down comforter, duvet, pillows, and crocheted throw. It still needs some cute colorful pillows I think.

Think she could be any happier about it?

I'd say the room is about 40% done, still lots of furniture rearranging, wall art hanging, and styling to do. And one more furniture project... I think.

When Jeran came, she brought me these drawers on casters she had made a while ago for under Olivia's crib. They didn't fit under her girl's new beds, but fit great under Carolina's! One has all the diapering stuff in it, and one has puzzles and toys. They are perfect - I really appreciate having them!

We tried napping her in it one day and she never fell asleep - 75 minutes later she was still in bed, talking to herself. At least she stayed in it! We'll try again this week :)

The other project I needed to get done was the bedstand - it's a hand me down from Todd's family - it was off white, stained, chipping, definitely need a make over. So the coral spray paint came out, and a couple of gold knobs Jeran had spotted on sale an Anthropologie - and done!

 I just have to decide where I'm going to place the bed on that wall, and where I will put the bedstand the bookcase, then I can start putting the wall art up, which I'm probably most excited about. I will leave the crib in her room until she's fully accustomed to sleeping in the new bed. We will get good at naptime, before we start in on bedtime.
The next project is to add some gold dot decals to this old toy chest of mine...

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