Pin(s) of the Week: Zucchini Salad + Shirred Eggs

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Behold - I cooked something new that did not revolve around sugar and butter! I really am trying to crack down on my sugar intake - I can't go to zero - but limiting it to one small treat and only a little fruit I can do. I also am looking for new easy and healthy meals... so let's start off with the Zucchini Salad - I was pretty skeptical and figured I would take a bite and want to toss it, but no! It's really quite good - but I do already love zucchini, edamame especially, avocado, and lemon - it's a really yummy fresh low-cal lunch I can make. Probably not during the school year, and Todd and the kids definitely won't eat it - but for me, for now anyway, I'm going to keep making this one. Here's the pin!

The other thing I wanted to make were some shirred eggs - we eat a lot of eggs for meals around here - so coming up with different ways to eat them seemed important. I've had basically this same dish at a restaurant before so I pretty much knew I would like it. I think I overcooked them a bit, they took longer than the recipe called for, but Todd liked them a lot. I also used regular 2% milk instead of cream and put the pesto on the bottom of the ramekin and cooked it with the egg, since that's how I had eaten it before. Next time I might try putting it on top. It was like, stupid easy, and quite tasty. Here's the pin!
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