Kids at 2 & 5

It's so easy to compare summers - I think I've said it before - but they're such a specific and unique period in my year, that sometimes going from one summer to the next feels like going from one week to the next.. at least in my memory. Last summer Lina was 1 and quite active, but lots more fussy and needy and nappy. The summer before that she was a baby, it was easy to tote her around. The summer before that I was pregnant and hot, and Liam was my busy little 2 year old... see how it goes... it's almost shocking how much things change between summers. It's like when you go a few months or a year without seeing a kid, so you have the last time and this time to compare and nothing in the middle and the change is so apparent! Of course I do see them in between, but I don't experience summer's in between. I don't know if that makes sense but it's the best way I can explain it.
Anyways, I thought I would do a quick update on the kids at 2 and 5:

Liam - 5 1/2 - What can I say really, he's a big kid, basically a Kindergartner and acting like one. Most of the time he's so sweet, helpful, and obedient. But always with the questioning, why why why! The back-talk drives me nuts, and how messy his room is! But what an adorable kid he is - he's so brown, skin, hair, eyes. And he has the cutest smile. He goes to sleep and sleeps really well - he's a hard sleeper too, you can turn on the light and do stuff in his room without him even stirring - he has to stay in his room until at least 7 am, and he does, thankfully. If he's hungry when we gets up and we aren't awake he grabs himself a banana. He is doing better at eating more food and trying new things - I'm proud of him for it. He definitely favors snacks and sweet things. His favorite things to do are swim, play iPad, watch cartoons, going to grandparents houses, and wrestle (or pretty much anything) with his dad. He gets himself dressed, brushes his own teeth, does his work, gets his own drinks and snacks, gets himself in the car... he's pretty self sufficient at this point! It's crazy!!

Carolina - 2 3/4 - This girl is a little roller coaster - one minute she's up, the next she's down. She might as well be 14 with all the mood swings she has. When she's sweet, there's nothing sweeter though. She can be very affectionate and lovely and fun and cute. Her biggest behavior issue is screaming - at the top of her lungs - I don't know how to break her of it. She does it anytime she is the tiniest bit displeased with Liam... and she hits a bit too, Liam - bless him - doesn't complain much. She is also a very good sleeper - this summer we've struggled a little because of the change in schedule - but typically she is up between 8-9, naps between 2-5, and goes down around 8:30-9:30. She likes to have a nightlight, noise machine, water, and pacifier still - and she is a very light sleeper. If anyone of these things is amiss, or if you crack the door to check on her, she will wake up - but she will go back to sleep quickly. She even slept in Liam's regular bed the other day - and did it without a hitch! She likes to sing and talk to herself when she wakes up - like Liam used to. It's precious. The other day she was singing, and when I went to get her she said "I was singing a song about Iron Man. I love Iron Man. He's SO cool." Ha! She also likes to sing made up songs about whatever she is doing or what is happening in the moment - like "We're going to Nana's house - oh, oh oh oh, ooooh (repeat)." Todd and I can't get enough of it. As for her paci - I'm going to wait until she's switched over and accustomed to her new bed before I take it away. As for potty training, it's not so much happening right now. She's very off and on about it - I'm going to have to take a few days to just stay home and work on it with her. Carolina is also a very good eater - she'll eat more things than Liam and likes spicy things too. Her issue is that she doesn't like to finish her food during the meal, then later wants a snack or dessert, and doesn't like being told no. Her favorite things are to have a "pic-mic", play ball or whatever with her brother (as long as he's doing what she wants him too), playing with play food and dolls on her own, also swimming, and going to grandparent's house. I can't believe how big she's getting - it's a very bittersweet feeling to see your baby getting so not-babyish.
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