Hipster Haircut

Liam needed a haircut pretty bad. I knew it. He was sick of it, it was a pain in the pool with his face mask. He wanted it all off like his dad. His dad also wanted it all off, as in a buzz. But since I was the one taking him... I just couldn't take it. I loved his long hair... so I made them keep some of it long.
Yeh, that's all his!
 It's a hipster haircut, I know. It's the haircut all men should get, as "they" say. It looks pretty darn cute on him.

 It's technically called an undercut. I shouldn't have expected "great" things from Great Clips... it's not bad, in fact it's pretty handsome when it's not messed up, but they did it wrong, the cowlick wasn't accounted for, and kindofabigdeal, his part and the direction his hair goes in. So it's cut to go one way, but it goes the other, even with insane amounts of spray gel, hair spray, and thick sticky pomade. It stays for a while, but always goes back. It'll probably have to be cut again, and both the boys will get there way.

When you try to get a picture of his outside it's like his eyes malfunction and can no longer stay open.
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