About in Salt Lake City: Hogle Zoo, Temple Square, & Food

My parents were so kind to take us on a little weekend getaway to Salt Lake City, this was our third time there, but their first! It's such an easy drive, about 5 1/2 hours.
 If you leave at the right time of the morning you land at the first In-N-Out Burger right about lunch time ;) Still it was like 2 when we got there, but didn't make a difference in the busyness of the place. No matter what time you go the drive thru is like 10-15 cars long and there are several people waiting, often there is no seating available!

 Yay, hats, stickers, and grilled cheese - the kids are happy!
Haha, mom and dad had so much food... well mom had so much food!
 And then of course Ikea... so many fun things, so little money.

Dinner was another place we had gone before, Bruges Waffles & Frites. Oh my word, this place is so good. I will eat there every time I go. And that's that!

Leige waffle with belgian chocolate, creme fraiche, and strawberries. Oh heavens. Everybody else got sandwiches, oh and their frites (fries) are probably in the top 3 most delicious fries I've ever had. Todd got something that was featured on Man vs. Food. It was worth the hype.

Apparently the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile driver was staying at our hotel, 'cause this was parked around back for a couple of days.

The big attraction for this trip (for the kids) was going to the Hogle Zoo, and Carolina didn't let anybody forget, she literally talked about it everyday for months. Of course, by the time we got to the zoo she was seriously sleep deprived, hot (it was over 90 degrees first thing in the morning), and a cranky mess. You can't tell from the pictures though ;) Considering she didn't take a nap for two days in a row, plus went to bed around 11, plus shared a bed with me - it wasn't as bad as it could've been. 

She wasn't sure about the carousel
on the first go-round, but each
 time her smile got bigger and bigger.

 We were interested to see more of Temple Square and some of the Mormon history. Other than go to Park City (which I'll share in a seperate post), this was probably the only thing  we did on this visit in SLC that we hadn't done before. The buildings and the area certainly is impressive... I mean that architecture! But it was definitely a weird, intrusive feeling being there as well.

 Other stuff we did (ie. no picture stuff)... We did some shopping at the super nice malls there. My parents took us to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate Todd's birthday a week early. Jenn, Mom, and I went to a flea market and Tulie Bakery, where we had the most amazing lemon bar ever and other treats. We stayed at a Hampton Inn, it was nice to have adjoining rooms and free breakfast (which allegedly was Liam's favorite part of the whole trip). Oh, and we had In-N-Out again on the way out of town... you just have to!
Lina finally got a nap in, on the way home.
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