Idahome: The Market (8th Street Farmers Market)

Ironically I have yet to go to the Nampa Farmer's Market, but I've been to the Capital City Public Market or just The Market (as it's now called) in Boise loads of times. It's a pretty large farmer's market that runs down 8th street every Saturday morning  from April-December, 9:30 until 1:30. 
Live music
They have lots of great local produce, meat, bread, flowers, treats, and other handmade goods. We like to sample the treats - Liam picked a scone, I picked a stroopwaffle, Todd picked a sambusa and ginger beer soda, and Carolina was cranky so she picked nothing. There are also lots of samples, so if you are moving on it you can get quite an array of treats that way! 
We hadn't been in over a year and I had been bugging Todd to go since it reopened in the spring, but this last Saturday worked out with some other stuff we had to do in Boise. I will say this, it was HOT. 10 am, and we were frying when we weren't in the shade. The other thing is the market is pretty dang busy, it's a really fun thing to do, so everybody goes! If you can go without a stroller, life will be much easier for you than it was for us. Everyone very slowly meanders through which a) doesn't work for hot kids, and b) doesn't work for getting a stroller through the crowds. With those two things in mind, you just have to come with patience intact, and a good attitude. 
cute Idaho signs
We had fun (maybe not Carolina), and we will be glad to go again in the fall or winter when it's cooler and the vendors have changed. We also noticed that another Farmer's Market has popped up a flew blocks down in BoDo, and it doesn't look quite as cramped or crowded, so that may be our next adventure!
stroopwaffle, oh yum
I've got to have a crepe one of these days!

Think Boise First

The itty bitty succulents are my favorite!
Locally made root beer, ginger beer, and more - smelled so good
The itty bitty succulents are my favorite!
Sambusa - check out the grease! 

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