About in Boise: The Village at Meridian

This isn't a quiet little spot that few frequent, nope it's the newest, biggest, awesomest shopping center around - The Village at Meridian. Yes, technically it's in Meridian, but people usually call the area Boise, so I'm going with that. It's so fancy, it really feels like we're in California when we're there. Since it's still pretty new, every space isn't full, but they have a constant list of "coming soons". The theatre there is one of the best, and it has $5 Tuesdays! But besides the atmosphere, the best part is the central fountain/playground/winter-ice-skating-rink area. The kids seriously LOVE the water fountain. Although not inside the Village, attached to the outskirts are some outlets, and some yummy restaurants that we may or may not be addicted to :) Whether or not we do any shopping though, it's just fun to walk around and enjoy it together.

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