Summer Week 4: Happy Father's Day, here's a car

I feel like I barely sat down this week, and also that I have nothing to show for it! How is that? The weather was pretty crummy so  we didn't get in the pool much even. I spent most of my week working on getting a bunch of furniture, baby stuff, and nice but unused items put up on CraigsList for sale - exciting. Thankfully this week it's warming up in time for the 4th - like really warming up, to 100! The nice thing about the cooler weather was that I did get to go out on a couple of walks inside and outside and took some panoramic pictures - I just love my walks :) even more when they're with someone...
look at that blue!
the sky here is just the best - you can see every storm for miles
So because we were all puking/sick on the actual Father's Day, and then family was in town the weekend after that, we put off celebrating Father's Day until this last weekend. Aaand, not really, but we like saying it - Todd got a new car, for Father's Day! We are apparently in the habit of getting a new car every 3 years, usually right before we have a baby, but no baby in sight this time (that's kind of sad!). We know we may need to trade the Saturn in for something bigger once the kids get older and we have to start carpooling, etc. but it wold sure be nice if it was a while before we start making more car payments! This time it wasn't out of necessity, it was simply because Todd hated his car, the Nissan that we got right before Carolina was born. At that time his old Subaru was kaput and it wasn't the car he wanted, he really wanted this car but we couldn't afford it then, we just had to get something affordable. Well after 3 years of complaining I finally told Todd to just go trade in the Nissan and get something he really liked and wanted to keep for a loooong time. He's spoiled, because he got what he wanted, a 2011 Honda Fit  with only 30,000 miles on it - but he loves it, it's a SUPER nice car - it should last and last and last at this point. We've replaced driving the Saturn around all the time, with driving this car - should make a nice difference in our gasoline bill.

So then Sunday we had our little Father's Day celebration - Liam and I made muffins in the morning (they will not be a Pin of the Week however...healthy muffins are tricky), we gave Todd his card and present, went to church, and then out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at his request. Carolina was starving and when they brought us the basket of sliced bread she grabbed a whole loaf and went at it! Liam preferred to wait for me to butter each piece on both sides.

Happy Father's Day 2014!


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