Summer Week 3: Recovering & Cousins

It's taken us all a while to recover from whatever stomach bug we had, it wasn't until Thursday that I felt almost totally normal, and Liam took a while getting his energy back, and spent several days napping when Carolina did. As a result this week was not nearly as productive as I would've liked - we took a break from the regularly scheduled program. Lots of rest and TV and staying indoors. Which was nice for a while, but the minute I'm feeling up to snuff, I can't stand it. I MUST get out and do something.
The good thing that happened this week was that Linda returned home and brought Jeran, Denali, and Olivia with her - Jeran left to a blog conference so we had Denali and Olivia all to ourselves. Liam and Nali immediately took to playing Disney Infinity (video game) together, and the little girls also loved playing their cute/silly little games together - they are really fun to watch and listen to :) We took them all to a playground/splash park one day, which they loved.
I tried getting more of Carolina's room put together, it's such a slow process, only one piece at a time... this week the goal is to find a mattress (thought my extra was a full, but it's a queen - boo) and paint the nightstand. Theoretically those two things could be done in a single day, but the way this has been going it'll take me all week, so I better not count on more than that (but if more does happen I'll be happy!)
The most fun day was Saturday, Jeran, Linda, and I went to the Roses & Rust Vintage Market at Expo Idaho - we all found several things to bring home with us, and then we did a little more exploring in Boise. Bless Todd for staying home with all the kids! Can't believe they are leaving today, it's sad to have such a short visit with them, and to see the kids get to know each other, and then have to say goodbye. At least Nana and Poppa are back, so Liam and Lina have something to look forward

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