Summer Homework Time

I decided I should probably act like a teacher and do a little more to help Liam be ready for Kindergarten in the fall. On his progress report from PreK, I noticed he didn't have all of his letter names and sounds down (not always on the same letter) - so that is our first priority, I really want him to have those down by the end of the summer. I also thought getting into a quiet, more independent, homework time would be good preparation for the fall as well.
The homework routine goes (as soon as Lina is down for a nap):

  • ABC Flashcards -  Liam and I pull out the ABC flash cards and go through each one - for every letter he can say the name and sound of, he gets a smartie in a bowl for after his homework. He's already improved from 9 to 15 letters right. 
  • Writing - Independently, he does one page of his letter writing book, and checks it with me
  • Math - Again, independently he does a page of math, checks it with me (if he writes a number backwards I circle it for him to correct),
  • "Reading" - 15 minutes of independent "reading", ie. looking at books
  • Educational iPad -15 minutes of iPad games I have downloaded just for homework time - some are for learning sounds, or practicing writing, or math... sometimes I pick what I want him to work on, sometimes I let him choose).
When that is done he gets to eat his smarties and have some iPad free time. When Lina wakes up we read a couple of books together. So far he really likes it, on days when we have been gone or missed homework time for whatever reason, he asks me when he can do it. He especially likes math, and is really good at it. I just need to find him a little desk for his room!
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