School's Out & Summer Goals!

It was an emotional end to the school year for me - I cried no less than 3x about saying goodbye to my class, they were one of the best I've had. Not a sour grape in the, all sweet. If I could keep them all, I would, even the few who drove me crazy from time to time. The year went so fast, and I'm already thinking and planning for next year - a testament to how fun, and great it was - I truly still don't get how it's already over! I could let myself get sad, and maybe even depressed (especially without a big vacation to look forward to this year), but I don't want to think about it... SO let the busiest time of year begin! I literally just added about 20 items to my To-Do list in the last five hours or so. All those things I've been wanting or needing to do get their day in the summer time... and oh, there are so many things! I know I won't get them all done, and I know I don't want to stress myself out or make myself so busy that I don't enjoy my break, but I do enjoy crossing things off my list and feeling like I've somehow improved my house or myself with my efforts. Ok, I'm going to attempt to get my main goals down - and we'll just see how many I get to ;)

House Goals: (in order of top priority to lowest priority/likelihood)
  • Re-do Carolina's room - set up big girl bed, paint room, furniture, decorate, sell old furniture
  • Re-arrange "entertainment" areas - move in new TV stand downstairs, move "old" entertainment center upstairs, rearrange into a "theatre room" atmosphere, sell old furniture
  • Organize and re-arrange kid's play area - sort toys, donate/sell unused toys, purchase storage, rearrange
  • Kitchen - paint kitchen cabinets (white), redo tile backsplash, change knobs, refinish old kitchen table, sell furniture
Family Goals:
  • Read with both kids every day
  • Bake together once a week
  • Do an art/craft once a week
  • Plan a playdate with friends once a week
  • Start a "homework" time for Liam every day
  • Have a one-on-one "date" with each kid once a week (rotating)
  • Be more "in the moment"
Personal Goals:
  • Exercise more
  • Eat less sugar
  • Sew something
  • Read more than 1 book
  • Catch up on blog "work"
  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Need less / Spend less / Save more

Aaaand... those are just the major goals - there are loads of other smaller things I'd like or need to do on my master list... but I've got 11 whole weeks ahead of me, and no big vacations to suck up my time, so I should be able to get a good chunk of things done! It's good for me to have goals and to-do's, or else I know how easily I can get sucked into a couch and TV routine. I need to allow myself some chill days, but having a stream of things to keep me busy will be good I think. Wish me luck, here we go!
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