School Schedule (for posterity)

Just because every now and then I scroll back through old posts looking for answers to the "what did I do when...?" questions I ask myself. Here is what our school schedule was like when Liam was 5 (preschool) and Lina was 2 (daycare)...

Morning Routine:
Jess - wakes up at 6:45 am
Liam - wakes up ?? and is allowed to leave his room at 7:00 am, generally gets himself dressed the in the clothes I picked out for him, and goes upstairs to play until Todd wakes up and gives him breakfast at about 7:15, and then takes him to preschool at about 8:00 am.
Carolina - Todd goes in and gets her at about 7:10 am, loads her into the car with bunny and a paci, and I take her to Nana's house.

 Afternoon Routine:
Jess - I leave school between 3:15 and 3:30, usually run an errand on the way to my parents, and pick up the kids, about half the time Carolina is still napping when I get there. We head home and I start a multitude of chores and getting dinner ready.
Liam and Carolina - both want a snack and I send them upstairs or outside to play, they typically get into a fight and one or both go to time-out

Evening Routine:
Jess - I have dinner ready as early as possible, 5 pm if Todd will be home (because I am starving), then it's clean up and more chores
Liam and Carolina - The kid's typically like to watch a cartoon during or after dinner, then more playing, or a bath until PJ's, teeth, prayers, and bed. (Liam must clean his room before bed)

Weekend Routine:
Saturday morning is typically very lazy, we all sleep in a little (except Liam, but he doesn't wake us), I usually go run errands or to the mall while Todd stays home and relaxes and naps Carolina. Most Saturday evenings we have plans with friends or family. Sunday morning was (before summer schedule) also very relaxing - Todd would usually make the kids pancakes, we watch cartoons and drink coffee. Then we all get bathed and head to church (11:30). Most of the time the kids go with Grandma and Papa home from church and Todd and I use the time to accomplish things or have a date. Sunday evenings are busy and can be stressful, trying to get everything ready to head to work the next day - baking/cooking, laundry/ironing, picking out clothes and packing bags.

Thanks for indulging me - I love to "list". Summer schedule will be posted in a few weeks ;)

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