Project Bookcase

Lina's room needed a new bookcase. The bookcase that used to be in her room matched her crib - a dark finish - but with the new navy walls I'm wanting some lighter pieces in the room. I also wanted a smaller bookcase that had a back on it so books and things aren't constantly falling behind it. So, at the flea market I found this crappy old bookcase for $14, and was basically talked into getting it, as the perfect size bookshelf, and easily fixed up.
Behold - the transformation!
Jeran had the idea to put legs on it - I never would've thought of it - but LOVE them, and they were surprisingly easy to do! Here's how we did it (good thing I had lots of direction/help):
1. A little sanding
2. A little caulk to fill some holes
3. Spray paint primer coat
4. Spray paint legs gold
5. Screw on leg attachments to the bottom
6. Spray paint coral inside
7. Cover and tape coral, spray paint outside cream (some sanding in between coats)
8. Pull off tape and screw on legs...
I would say it took a couple of hours in all, and the result is SO cute!!


kristinc said…
it is cute! I still may have been tempted to stop at target and buy a new one and let my husband assemble it! :) but you can't beat the custom color and cute little legs!
Unknown said…
I love it!!!! Can't wait to see the finished room, it's going to be fabulous! Lina is a lucky girl.

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