Pin of the Week: Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies

So Todd has been requesting these Cookie Dough Brownies I made last year, for a while. I decided I would make them for Father's Day, but a few days before that he invited some friends over to watch a game and made them early (which was good, since no one was eating anything on Father's Day!). The only thing was I hadn't been as impressed with the recipe as he had, I mean the frosting was good, but the brownies were just ho-hum, not as chocolatey as I would've liked and the consistency was a little more cakey than fudgey. So I decided to try a new brownie recipe, and just add the cookie dough frosting on top! I forgot to take a picture (what's new), and asked Todd to before he ate the last two at work... but, oh well. I was REALLY happy with this basic brownie recipe, and I will be keeping it for good (I since have tried a "healthier" brownie recipe with whole wheat flour, and it wasn't nearly as good... go figure and seeyalater). The frosting recipe I would adjust next time... double it, and just sprinkle the chocolate chips (mini only, not regular size) on top, or it's too hard to spread). But anyway, here's the link!
Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies - dark, rich brownies will help satisfy those chocolate cravings


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