Pin of the Week: BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

We had our friend's over for dinner the other week, and I was in the mood for something new - our go to gluten free option is nacho bar, so I was thinking of something along the Mexican food lines... but when Kristin mentioned to me she'd made these, I knew it was "the one!"! I made it gluten free by getting brown rice tortillas from Trader Joe's, the kids and I used a couple flour ones we had left. I had made this recipe long, long ago - before Pin of the Week, and I remember it not turning out so well. I don't know what the difference was, but MAN, these were SO GOOD. I wanted to not-stop eating them, ever. I did though, at a half a one. Pretty good. Although really these can't be that bad for you! Todd grilled the chicken and pineapple for me, I cut up the rest of the toppings - I can't remember what all it calls for, but we had cilantro, monteray jack and pepperjack cheese, sour cream for dipping, red onion, and tomatoes (for people who like that kind of thing). I'm planning to make these again as soon as possible. Here's the link!
The Pioneer Woman
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