Living Room & Bonus Room Update

Just wanted to share a few changes that have been keeping me busy lately! So I showed you that piece of furniture I bought a couple of week ago - well here's the living room before, with the old black TV stand...
And here's with the "new" antique console....

I know it's not the best picture, we had just set it up so there's stuff everywhere, but you see what it looks like... it's pretty cute! This room is by no means done - we still need a real coffee table, instead of the baskets, which I'm on the lookout for but can't spend a lot. And we desperate need a new couch or couches - these leather ones have seriously had it, but that will have to wait until next year. Anyway, with the black piece not being needed there, we could reunite it with it's other pieces to make the whole entertainment center. The bookcases were in the office, where they looked quite nice...

But the bonus room needed a serious face lift... blech. It was not functional or pleasant.

 It just wasn't a place I EVER wanted to go, and for reals would go weeks without setting foot upstairs. UNTIL... Ta-dah!!! I know these pictures aren't great either, but it gives you a general idea of the re-do.

 It feels really liveable now! We've all been hanging out up here a ton (of course the downside is the heat up here, but we're going to live it up until it's unbearable!). As you can see we moved the craft table upstairs as well - it looked ridiculous by itself in the office without the bookcases next to it (now the office is empty and very sad looking, but that's a project for another day). Todd's had friends over, they played cards at the table, or had snacks on it. He really loves it! I like that my craft table actually is more functional now for me too, when I need it. I can get to 3 sides of it, instead of just one, and I can see the TV while I'm sewing or whatever.
 This room is also not done - when we go to IKEA in a few weeks my goal is to get some real toy storage, no more random baskets everywhere. So the toy parts of the room will change... the table and chairs may get moved to Carolina's room, and that left corner may get turned into a little reading nook for the kids - with the TV console that was up here before coming back to hold games and books and a bookshelf and some floor pillows. I wasn't sure the train table would stay, because as you can see it doesn't really get used for play, just to pile stuff on top of when cleaning up. I'm still undecided about it. The room also needs some curtains and lots of art... we have a plan for that, but it requires a trip to Disneyland.
Anywho - we've been busy - and the office, living room, and Carolina's room, even Liam's room (need a desk for him to replace the little play table) are all works-in-progress right now as a result! Ah well, still 9 more weeks to get things done :)

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