Summer Week 1 & Miscellany

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The first week was a good one - it certainly was not vacation or break, although I did try to stick to most of my goals and be in the moment with the kids as much as possible. The bulk of the week was just chores, errands, lots of catch-up from slacking the last few weeks of school plus spending more time outdoors thus getting less done indoors. Laundryerrandsdishesironingbloggingcleaningswimmingplaydating. Some things are more fun than others. I didn't quite feel like I had time to get everything in, but I also feel like if I get caught up on all the basics and then the daily/weekly things under control then I will have the time to add in the extra things! 

Ooh, ahh
Of course then I had to go and find a new TV console, which threw the whole house into a tailspin - the domino effect, change one thing, then you have you change another, and another, etc. etc.... Until I've basically started 9 major projects at once and finished none. Not totally. Lots of painting, more rearranging, and some shopping to do. 
new hair cut - 5-6 inches gone!
The kids were great at the start and then were at each other's throats for a few days. They had some time apart thanks to Grandma and that seemed to help. Then we had a fun playdate with friends and another. And whenever they are in the pool, that tends to help - at least Carolina can't really hit Liam with her floaties on... or without for that matter. Oh, and I managed to read a whole book! Doing ok on my summer goals - need to pick up the dropped balls next week, which should be a little more relaxed (Liam will be in VBS from 9-11:45 every morning). All in all - I'd say it was a very successful first week of summer! At the moment Carolina's dealing with some stomach issue and has puked a couple of times, but it doesn't seem to be a normal stomach virus... we may be cleaning up puke in the night, but at least she doesn't seem to feel totally miserable. Enjoy the random assortment of summer pics!

drinking pineapple juice feels
like a little summer celebration

glorious summer days

popsicles MUST be eaten outside

Arte Party!

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