Babes in Disneyland

One of my days last week was spent catching up on this blog and Babes in Disneyland - I love when I have time to focus on it, it's so much fun for me. Here's the latest round-up of articles I posted...

Saving vs. Splurging on Food: Everything You Need to Know - ahh food, my favorite subject.

Military Discount on Disneyland Tickets - wish we could take advantage of this amazing deal again!

Ask the Disney Experts: Favorite Unique Drink  at the Disneyland Resort - ahh food (and drink), my favorite subject.

Merchandise Monday: June 2014 - there's some really good stuff this month, I'm totally getting some of those bangles next time I'm there! There are even more things out I couldn't include in this post, I'm going to go a little shopping crazy.

Disney Junior's First Original Movie "Lucky Duck" out June 20th - I'm pretty excited about this for the kids, they seriously love Disney Junior (and so do I).

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