About in Boise: Goody's

One of the neatest places in Boise is an area called Hyde Park - it's just like a setting from a movie - idyllic adorable little houses, with a small business area right in the middle, where there are a could good local restaurants, some antiques stores, and Goody's Soda Fountain - and old fashioned ice cream parlor!

 Goody's is loaded with treats - I suppose there's soda? but we've only ever purchased ice cream, candy, and caramel corn. I think I've mentioned before that their chocolates are good enough to rival See's - I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. The ice cream is really delicious too, it's super flavorful - Todd always gets the coffee, which is seriously just coffee guys, it's strong coffee too. I get chocolate almond - yum. They don't have a billion flavors, just a few, and apparently coconut is seasonal, and so popular that you can sign up to be on an email list when it comes in... naturally, I signed up. I want to say they make all their own product, but I can't find anything on the website to back it up (but I'm still pretty sure they do.)

The kids chose swirly pops last time - I was happy to oblige for 75 cents!

 We were shocked that it was this empty on a Saturday afternoon, usually the line is wrapped around the bar - but it was nice for us!

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