About in Boise: DK Donuts

Since it's National Doughnut Day...
With our beloved Daybreak Donuts done and closed, we had to find the next best thing - which, it turns out, isn't in Nampa. You can find DK Donuts in Meridian or Boise, which is probably a good thing for our wallets and waists. These doughnuts are very similar to Daybreak - the perfect mix of light & fluffy and slightly crunchy - which delicious icing on top. Although this is a close second, we still miss our local Daybreak Donuts - but this is a fun new treat when we are in the North End!

Todd cringes at the BSU colored one.
Carolina continues to mostly lick the
toppings off and eat only a couple of bites.
Liam continues to try and convince
 us he could eat the whole dozen.

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