About in Boise: 13th Street Pub & Grill

A great little spot to get a bite in Hyde Park is the 13th Street Pub & Grill. It's so charming, the view is beautiful, and the perfect place to eat on a nice day, since it's sort of indoor/outdoor.
The regular menu looks pretty good, but the BRUNCH menu, looks amazing, so that's what we had.

 It was pretty busy, and we had to wait a while for our food.... so you know, we entertained ourselves. We are pretty lucky that we can do this with a 2 and 5 year old in tow!

 The eggs benedict was indeed delicious! Our french toast however was not as french as I'd like it... that is to say it was kind of dry and not as eggy.. so I wouldn't get it again, but there were loads of other things we saw on other people's plates that we want to try (interestingly, we didn't see anyone else with french toast, we should've taken that as a clue). The corned beef hash, bacon and brie crepes, and steak & eggs benedict sound promising!

 See what a cute little area it is! This is our idea of a perfect Saturday with the family: exploring, trying new places, and enjoying the weather!

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