So close now...

Ahh, summer is just around the corner! I can't believe how close it is now... only 7 more days of school to go! I honestly truly can't believe it's about over, I can't even say I'm ready for it to be here, I LOVE this group of kids - they are just the sweetest hearts. Even the ones that drive me crazy are super sweet. I think might really be sad... it's been a few years since I wasn't just like "see ya!" I'm not even really ready for summer, what am I going to do with myself? I know my kids are going to feel like it's bootcamp, because they have been driving me crazy and it is not going to be like Nana and Poppa's house - on top of which all of their grandparents will be gone at the same time, so they have no hope at all! The weather is warming up, but it's still pretty unreliable, though we did get to swim twice and it was lovely. Liam also had his last soccer game of the season, it was a perfect day for it, and afterwards the gals went to a giant garage sale thingie in Boise where I found an awesome big girl bed for Lina and got a wicket sunburn. We had such a busy weekend, as always, and yet I sit here and ....... can't remember what exactly happened to fill up the rest of it! So I guess it's a good place to stop and share a few cute pics I snapped
"I have a mustache!"
happy little swimmer, she would stay in forever
even happier, he would stay in longer than forever
can you spot the Killdeer eggs... pretty impressive
tuckered out kids on our walk, Todd looks so serious because he was concerned he was going to run into me :)
I had a great birthday - thanks everybody who called and texted and wished me one - it was happy! I got totally spoiled at school - flowers, cookies, candy, cupcakes, coffee, cards - and my class gave me what I really wanted, good behavior and calm/quiet worktime... they know what I like! Then I had a nice nap and went out for dinner with the whole family, and got dessert and presents - I said I was spoiled didn't it?! Lucky me!
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