Pin of the Week: Memorial Day! White Texas Sheet Cake

Man I have a lot of blogging to catch up on... I say this a lot, but we've been busy! Now that the pool is officially open and the weather is officially (mostly) nice enough, we've just been that much busier. Lots of good blog posts to come, but first, because it's Thursday, Pin of the Week...
We had a really fun Memorial Day - a delicious bbq at Steve & Linda's and lots of swimming  - the weather was absolutely perfect. I was going to just pick up some ice cream bars on the way there, but decided since I had all the ingredients (well almost, was short 1 cup of powdered sugar) to just make a cake I've had pinned for years! We all LOVE chocolate Texas Sheet Cake... I knew this couldn't compete, but thought it might be pretty good for a change and pretty with red and blue berries, plus sheet cakes are super quick to make. The flavoring in it is almond - we like almond, it takes like wedding cake :) Here's the link!

My little patriotic girl with the longest legs ever (I never get pics of Liam in the car because he sits directly behind me, but he was dressed cute too)

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