Pin of the Week: Lemon Strawberry Shortcake

I've been a little bit busy in the last week, catching up on 5 days worth of laundry (or what appeared to be two weeks worth) and general chores and school work... but I did manage to find time to try a quick pin! We bought one of those giant tubs of strawberries from Costco, and this recipe for shortcake looked (and was) super easy and fast to whip up. I used whole wheat flour, and I think it worked well. I also didn't roll and cut out the biscuits - I just patted out into a pan and cut it into squares before I baked it, then was able to break them apart after. It made 12 biscuits, whereas the recipe said it would make 6-9! I simple cut them in half, loaded with cut strawberries and whip cream, then put the top back on. Some we made with vanilla ice cream, some we poured homemade chocolate sauce on, some were spread with lemon curd. Any way you made the, they were yummy!! Here's the link!

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