Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day was a busy blur, pretty much like the rest of our lives lately - I tend to dread spring, just because it seems to drag on forever from spring break to summer... but not this year! There are not enough hours in the day/week/month to get everything in (and only 12 more days of school!). I spend "my" Mother's Day with the family on Saturday - after soccer we went to BoDo and did a lot of little things I enjoy, walked the mall, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, snacking along the way. Sunday morning I took some me time to go to Target and get a Starbucks while perusing swimsuits and summer clothes. After that it was go-go-go... church, brunch with Steve and Linda - Todd made us all french toast, it was delicious as always, then Carolina's nap and my chore-time, family walk at my request, and dinner with my family, potluck nachos and brownies with ice-cream. I didn't think I could eat again after brunch, but (even though I really wasn't hungry) I still managed to eat a decent sized plate of nachos and two brownies! It was a very delicious day! And even though it was busy, it wasn't stressful or exhausting and those days can be sometimes. I enjoyed not feeling like I "had" to do anything, just busy doing things I wanted to do... it actually felt sort of relaxing, even though I definitely wasn't lazing around or anything.
It can be tricky figuring out how to spend Mother's Day with all the mothers, but it always seems to work out, and I enjoyed spending the day with family. I can't thank my mothers enough for all that they do for Todd, the kids, and I - we are so blessed to be able to be near them and others of our family not only for the help, support, fellowship, and love they show us, but almost more importantly - our kids! Thanks Moms - we love you!

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