Week(ly) Update with Jessica McConnel

What's that from? Anyone? I've got a million of these...
In what's now becoming typical for me, here's another random mish-mash of what's happened in our lives in the last week, just for the sake of it.

Our fence has a hole. To be honest this isn't new. The fence broke because the neighbors let their tree grow into it, then let the dogs tear it apart, then the wind knocked the pieces out. We have new neighbors without dogs at least, but the fence is still broken. Our neighbors are renters. Oh joy.

 We decided to go to second service this weekend, which doesn't start till 11:30, so we have plenty of time to relax Sunday morning, which was glorious. In fact, Todd made us brioche cinnamon french toast and it was to die for, let me tell you. I like this being-cooked-for thing. 

Liam was exactly not pumped about being in the Palm Sunday parade through the sanctuary, but he did it, I'm proud of him! (The next to him was complying at least.)

 We went back to our new favorite park in Eagle/Meridian and finally found the labyrinth. It wasn't a hedge one like I'd imagined, but it was still fun to follow the path. The kids liked doing all the crazy walking/jumping/skipping - it was such a windy day - and windy days make for crazy kids don'tcha-know.

I got this fun thing in the mail - I'm not packing yet, but give me another week and I will be! I spent a good chunk of the weekend running around and getting little things I will need for D.C. and taking care of other giftish type things that are coming up! 

This little thief would always rather be drinking my water than her own, I frequently find my cup empty. And if I bring only my own cup when we go anywhere, I typically will be out of water before we arrive because both children are surprisingly thirsty. (P.S. Lina is getting her own cold cup in her Easter basket).

This week will be more school busy, getting ready for our testing in a week and a half, and trying to get together 3 days of sub plans, as well as being ready for the rest of the week after that so on 4 hours of sleep I can jump right in when I get back. A bunch of chores got done around the house this weekend since we weren't quite as busy, so I feel good there - of course the yard is starting to look like a nuisance what which grass growing and all (and weeds weeds weeds). And I'm getting back on the diet train - calorie counting and whatnot, so please don't offer me any delicious treats! I'm only a good girl when there are no delicious treats around (see Thursdays Pin of the Week!). And I'd say that about does it - hopefully I'll get some nice, cute pictures of the kids/us in Easter clothes this weekend and have a happy report for you next week!
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