The one without a title.

Could there be a better "Friends" reference? Anyone? 
Ok, I don't where that came from. I haven't even watched "Friends" in a long time, I'm just plain out of titles for catching up on the randomness that is my life. How can I feel so busy and yet not appear to be? I think I'm still catching up on sleep lost during spring break. I am exHAUSTed. It's only Tuesday, and I seriously feel like tomorrow has to be Friday. Boo. It's going to be a long 7 weeks... just when I said it was going so quickly! 
Here are some things that are happening...
1. I did not get summer school - boo, but also - yay.
2. Spring weather has arrived! Today was 80 degrees, warmer than average, and also the warmest day yet, it should drop a little tomorrow - but still sunny and warm enough for sandals!
3. I am going to Washington D.C., no big deal.
4. YES IT'S A BIG DEAL - Linda is taking me and Jeran's mom is taking her and we are having a girls trip - in 2 weeks no less! We have a tour of the capital already set up, and I canNOT tell how you freaking excited I am! Also, I will NOT tell Todd how freaking excited I am, because he's not going and is a bit sad about it of course. Leaving the kids for 5 days isn't going to be easy for me though... but still SO much history, so much importance, so much meaning... it's going to blow my mind.
5. The spring soccer season has begun, and I took a bunch of pictures to prove it. Liam is still the tallest or as-tall kid around, his running gait is like that of a knobby-need newborn horse. I'm so thankful that this year's weather is already nicer than last.
6. Liam appears to have the worst case of seasonal allergies I've ever seen, certainly worse than anyone in our family (since nobody else has them at all..) poor kid - he's a walking sneezecough.
7. Carolina's ailments have all but disappeared, except the molluscum which is certainly less than it was, but now appears to be spreading a bit. I think we have another appointment scheduled for her next week. 
8. I have a BUNCH of work to do to catch up on Babes in Disneyland, and to get ready for a big switchover/update that's coming. Oh man. Not to mention I have to think about getting ready for EasterJen'sBirthdayTestingVacationMother'sDay. In other words, the next month is PACKED. 
9. Summer break starts in 7.5 weeks :)

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