Pin of the Week: Baked Almond French Toast

This weekend was all about making old favorites, Lemony Lemon Brownies, and Baked French Toast. But I realized I had never pinned the french toast recipe, it was just one I'd found years ago from Huffington Post, oddly enough - and made tons of times. If you've been to my house for dinner... or breakfast, then you've probably had this. Todd's french toast last week was delicious, but it was definitely more work, and brioche is not as easy to find - baked french toast is the best because since you put it together the night before you don't have to do anything in the morning but put it in the oven and go back to bed for 20 minutes. We wanted to do something a little fun Easter morning since church didn't start till 10:15... and Daybreak Donuts closed - sob! Let me pull myself together here... Anyway, I think the thing that *makes* this french toast is the almond flavoring - it really adds something! I always like to add raspberries and powdered sugar, even a squirt of lemon, toasted almond slices if I have them - but Todd will have nothing but syrup. I was thinking next time I might add orange flavoring and even some orange zest, that sounds kinda awesome.
Here's the link - I highly recommend it!
I'm off to DC today - I'm very excited, but very anxious about leaving the kids, especially little Carolina. I wish I could take her with :( I'm sure there will be tears for me today. Pray for our safety, my nerves, and Todd's everything!
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