Easter 2014

Like I said, Easter was a very nice day - Todd and I just felt so blessed all day long - for so many reasons. Here is a a big ol' snapshot of what our Easter looked like... (I didn't do any photo editing, I'm still in a sugar coma, so the pictures are somewhat dark)

 Silly kids!

Traditional Church fountain pic! (Lost and found by Timehop in 2016)

Sorry it's blurry :(

You gotta take what you can get...

Sweetest girl

Handsome boy (and his I-don't-want-to-take-this-picture smile)

Playing with new toys, enjoying the sunshine

I asked them to hug, and this is what they did - for a long time

She took her job very seriously - she really did have fun though!

Think he found enough?

The funniest party was that when the kids took their baskets inside to open up eggs (which the pictures did not turn out for) - Liam opened every egg, dumped the contents into a pile, then organized the pile into money/candy/stickers - touched none of it!, but Carolina opened a single egg, ate the candy, opened another egg and ate the candy, repeat, repeat... she would've made herself sick if we hadn't made her stop.
P.S. It totally blows my mind that THIS is what last Easter looked like... oh my babies!

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